Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Guest Information

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. We have put this assessment together to identify the areas that we have to safely prepare for our guests, our trade people and ourselves. Although we are learning more about the virus on a daily basis, we have been gathering from UK government information channels, booking channels to help gather reliable & current facts for the correct layout of this document. The control measures to consider minimising the risk to all who work, visit or stay on the premises.

Car Park

This area can comfortably hold 2 cars. In the situation of more than one car arriving we will ensure that there will be minimal risk of contact with others.

Front Door / Entrance

Entry can only be accessed by pressing the door bell at the front door, this will have to be regularly sanitised to reduce any spread of germs.

Reception Check-in Area

On arrival all guests will be asked to wear a facial mask (except those with medical exemption).
Keys will have been disinfected. Guests will be directed to their rooms; we will not anymore carry guest's baggage to rooms. Social distancing will be in place.

Public Spaces

Routine cleaning will take place on regular basis. Non essential soft furnishing will be removed and stored. The less items available for guests to touch help minimise the spread of the virus.

The public lounge will no more be opened for the public and will stay locked at all time.

“Increase cleaning the common touch point which can experience high volumes of human interaction, therefore easily transmitting and spreading viruses. These touch points often include handrails, door handles, sink, tables and more”.

Guest Bedrooms

All bedrooms will be deep cleaned after guest's check-out and rooms will be left empty for 24 hours before being resold. All non essential items will be removed from the rooms, TV remote control will be placed in zip lock bags, this will reduce any touching of the remote.

We will service the rooms wearing masks and gloves.

Dining Room

Hand sanitiser will be available by the entrance of the dining room and also inside the dining room by the cereal buffet.

We will offer a full service where we will take guests order for cereal, fruits, yogurt, juice... and deliver these items to the tables as requested.

We will offer a full service menu, this ensure guests are offered the best service under the circumstances.

Reduced number of tables will be placed apart following guidelines, only guests travelling together will be sat together with a maximum of 5 guests from the same family only.


Prior to reopening for guests, a deep cleaning has been done. There are hand sanitisers and regular sanitising of work top and other areas that will be heavily used.


We wash all guests bath sheets, hand towels and bath mats as well as all towels used in the kitchen and general cleaning clots.

A high temperature wash will be introduced. Ensuring the killing of all bacteria. All bed sheet pillowcases & duvet covers are sent out to a commercial company who return our bedding to a very good standard.

The laundry will be bagged up as usual although we will be wearing masks and gloves.

All precautions will take place to reduce any cross contamination.


Contactless card payment can be processed from card details provided rather than face to face for anybody who wish to do it that way.


With so much new information being available regularly, we have put in place these measures that will comply to a safe working environment. Every effort will be made to make sure guests feel safe at all time.

From the 8th Sept 2020, facial masks to be worn in all public areas in the guest house exception of in the dining room when sitting at table.

From the 25th Sept 2020: table service only in dining room and NHS QR code poster to be displayed by entrance